Sausage War II, Spies and Polexit – Start Your Week with Arthur Snell


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Unelected Brexit panjandrum David Frost gets ready to blow up the Northern Ireland deal that he and Johnson sold to the public. Is Poland really shaping up to leave the EU? The first ‘Covid: Lessons Learned’ report looms into view. Plus bizarre elections in the Czech Republic, Facebook in the dock and an old-fashioned nuclear spy scandal. Arthur Snell starts your week.

  • “Frost and Johnsons strategy has been to pretend its someone elses deal and that it needs to be renegotiated."
  • “From a very dark tactical perspective, the return of the threat of violence in Ireland would be to Johnson and Frost’s advantage.”
  • “Facebook has run out of road, it doesnt really have any political friends anymore.”

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