Unforced Errors in Cabinet – Start Your Week with Alex Andreou and Arthur Snell


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As the Government pushes ahead with plans to vaccinate children, is their COVID strategy only guided by the science when convenient? Plus: could Emma Raducanu’s stunning US Open success strike back against Priti Patel’s oppressive immigration policies? Alex Andreou and Arthur Snell unpack Afghanistan’s new cabinet, whether the latest lobbying scandals will affect Johnson’s rumoured cabinet reshuffle, and what Westminster will do to quell Sturgeon’s demands for Scottish independence.

  • “We may be vaccinating people to protect them from catching COVID, not to stop them getting seriously ill from it.” - Alex Andreou.
  • “If you've already clearly broken the ministerial code and gotten away with it, it will give you a green light to go ahead with it.” - Arthur Snell.
  • “17 out of the 33 members of the Taliban cabinet are on the UN Sanctions list.” - Arthur Snell.

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