Samantha Renke 'Disability Activism and Sphynx Cats'


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This week Michelle speaks with special guest Samantha Renke, born in Germany and raised in Lancashire, She is an actress, presenter, disability activist, inclusion and equality consultant, and keynote speaker. Prior to moving to London, she was a modern languages teacher. She is a columnist for the Metro and has written a multitude of articles on what it is like to be disabled in a disabling world, as well as several socio-cultural criticisms on patronising attitudes, body image, bullying, LGBTQ+ issues, ableism, and the financial and social costs of being disabled.

Additionally, Samantha has written for The Huffington Post and PosAbility magazine. She also featured in the highly successful series of adverts for Maltesers based on real-life experiences of disabled people and is an experienced speaker having spoken at events for companies and organisations such as the National Education Union, Viacom, Houses of Parliament, British Red Cross, Santander, Reed Smith, UNICEF, ASOS, COS Fashion, Creative Equals, the Valuable 500 and Viacom. Lastly, Samantha is also a proud cat mama of two adorable Sphynx cats Lola and Bruno. To find out more about Samantha find her at and on Instagram @samantharenke and her adorable kitties @ladylolaandlordbruno

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