Wendie Patrick 'Dogs of Pride and Finnessiam Holistic Health and Pet Wellness'


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This week Michelle speaks with Wendie Patrick I.C.M.G., C.C.M.S, the owner of Dogs Pride, suppliers, educators, and distributors of safe practice and pet grooming. Wendie is a full-time animal lover with a passion to inform the world on how to treat your pet as you would yourself. She touches base on a wide range of wellness care for your pet such as the right type of diet your animal needs, exercise routines, how to properly use the right kind of CBD for you and your pet, supplement source, safe product selection, and more. Wendie is also happily owned by two dogs, two cats, and two horses. To find out more about Wendie you can visit her website: www.dogsofpride.com on Facebook and Instagram @dogsofpride and Finnessiam https://www.facebook.com/finnessiamhealth/

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