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Today on the show, we have David Richter, the CEO of Simple CFO Solutions. Simple CFO Solutions helps business owners, especially real estate investors, make sure that they know their numbers and that they are keeping profit. David is an active real estate investor and through his years in the industry, he learned to understand the business side of it too. Coming from around 5 deals a month to over 25 deals a month, David is now close to about 850 deals as an investor. Key Talking Points of the Episode [02:30] How did David get started in real estate? [04:15] Working with another investor after understanding finances more [05:00] How Simple CFO Solutions was born [06:00] What is the difference between a CFO and a bookkeeper? [07:28] What is David’s predictive index? [08:46] What’s the Fractional CFO concept? [10:30] Benefits of having a Fractional CFO [11:25] Is a CFO also a CPA or a bookkeeper? [13:17] What kind of businesses does Simple CFO Solutions help? [13:57] The most common and the biggest pitfalls that people have [16:05] Mike Michalowicz and the importance of profit in business [17:53] Getting out of the rat race [18:52] Get in touch with David! Quotables “There’s a difference between creating a lot of money and creating a lot of profit.” “Fractional CFO is basically just less cost and just part-time.” “Money is so emotional to everyone and it’s not very comfortable for everyone to talk about it on the phone." Links Website: Simple CFO Solutions

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