Stop Hustling: A Better Way to Get Things Done with Rachael Todd


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If you are feeling burnt out, exhausted and stressed, please listen to this episode. My guest today worked as a management consultant on Wall street and pushed herself so hard that she ended up with a chronic illness for 3 years as a result. Today, you’ll meet Rachael Todd, who now helps other people who are also overworking but feel like they can't slow down through the power of mindset work.

Rachael is a mindset coach and the founder of Return to Flow.

In today’s episode we talk about the signs of burnout and how to break up with the vicious cycle of our hustle culture. Rachael shares her strategies for setting boundaries and discovering what your true desires are. I wish I would have had this content years and years ago, especially before having kids and continuing for years overwhelmed and miserable myself. Get ready for a life-changing episode. Let’s dive in.

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