The Problem With Most Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives + More


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In today's episode of "The Clean Body Podcast", host Lauren Kelly talks to the founder of Goodmylk co, a game-changing, industry-disrupting, plant-based milk alternative about the healthful benefits – and impacts – of dairy alternatives available in stores today:
You'll learn:

  • Ingredients currently found in dairy alternatives that cause inflammation & immune system disorders
  • What dipotassium phosphate is and why its problematic
  • The health impacts of fillers, emulsifiers, preservatives, carrageenan, artificial and natural flavors, glyphosates, and canola oil
  • The importance of sprouts nuts and seeds prior to consumption
  • The health benefits of alkaline water, ancient mineral sea salt, mushrooms and adaptogens
  • Why organic is crucial in dairy alternative beverages
  • Myths and misconceptions about dairy alternatives
  • Sustainability of plant-based milks
  • The problem with oat milk
  • The difference between raw and pasteurized milk
  • What pesticides are and how they impact the human body

About Brooke Harris:
Brooke is the founder of Goodmylk co. While living in L.A., the supposed “health food capital” of the U.S., Brooke's health deteriorated for a period of time. Brooke decided to turn to an alternative, plant-based diet as a form of healing medicine. But to her surprise, she found her effort to ‘eat healthier’ was actually making her more sick. Through research, Brooke found that many of the binders, thickeners, emulsifiers and preservatives in otherwise “healthy” food were unnecessary and unhealthy. It was then that Brooke realized that she would have to create that ‘something better’. And so she went on to create Goodmylk co., a game-changing, industry disrupting plant-based milk product for the masses.
About Goodmylk co.
Goodmylk co. is a game-changing, industry-disrupting, plant-based milk alternative. We believe in the power of real (good) food, and that everyone deserves access to it. You won’t find strange gums, artificial flavoring, or names of things you can’t pronounce in our products. Only pure, organic ingredients that taste delicious and are meant to do your body good. We are women-owned, delivered to your door, sustainable, and delicious.
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