#39 How A Near-Death Experience Changed My Life: Energy & Love Go On Forever With Robert Jackman


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In episode 39, Robert Jackman, a Psychotherapist, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist and author of “Healing Your Lost Inner Child” talks about how his near-death experience and his own past life regressions have influenced his life. What you will learn:

  • What a near-death experience (NDE) feels like
  • He was given the choice to stay or go back
  • He did not what an NDE was until he saw it discussed on Oprah Winfrey
  • The average time it takes for a near-death survivor to actually report the NDE is 10 years
  • The work of Dr Michael Newton helped him understand his NDE as well as a broader understanding of our spiritual life
  • Having been regressed 35 times, each past life has helped him understand himself more
  • People in his life today were family in past lifetimes
  • As a therapist, the most important discoveries of past life regression therapy is finding emotional wounds that need to be healed
  • The spiritual realm of the in-between lives space is like a “control room”
  • We all have spirit guides and a council
  • Where we are now, is exactly where our soul needs to be in this moment in time
  • Why faith-based communities provide a foundation for expanding your spiritual path
  • How we contribute to and expand a universal consciousness / collective unconscious

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