#41 Bringing Heaven Home With Brent Satterfield


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In episode 41 , our guest is Brent Satterfield, a DNA scientist, founder of The Inner World Movement, and author of “Bringing Heaven Home”. We discuss how multiple experiences of heaven changed his life. What you will learn:


  • How an energy healer acquired a gift of helping people cross over with dying
  • How an experience with an energy healer had certain things in common with a near-death experience
  • Every one of us has a connection to the divine
  • The love on “the other side” is bigger than what is taught in world religions
  • There is no one-size-fits-all heaven; the divine is “interactive” and works with you to create your most loving space
  • Heaven ends up almost being the state we achieve when we are liberated from all of our prior conceptions of heaven
  • Time does not exist as we know it, and your mind is no longer learning in a linear fashion
  • How this kind of experience feels like being hooked up to the “divine internet”
  • The experience imparted an understanding that even the hardest life experiences, happened for a reason
  • We “sign up” to have different experiences, but forget that we agreed to be the victim or the perpetrator
  • What it felt like to ‘experience” Jesus
  • None of the world religions produced the liberation we are all hungering for
  • God’s love is freedom from self-judgment and judgment from others
  • It is impossible to go to the “other side” and not be conscious of the pain we caused, which is meant to liberate us
  • Dr. Satterfield's book, "Bringing Heaven Home" is available on Amazon

For more info: www.innerworldmovement.com

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