Dr. Niambi Brewer on Self-Discovery after Going Straight from Undergrad to a PhD


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Knowing that you want to do your Ph.D. when you are in high school is pretty remarkable, and it requires focus and dedication from a young age. This is the position today’s guest, Dr. Niambi Brewer, was in. Niambi received her Ph.D. in cell and molecular biology from the University of Pennsylvania, where she is also doing her postdoc at the Genetic Diagnostic Laboratory. In today’s episode, Niambi talks about the journey of self-discovery she is on having recently completed her doctorate. When you are in graduate school, it is easy to be one-track-minded, so figuring out who you are again is a process. We hear what Niambi did in high school to explore her interests and set herself up for her Ph.D. Niambi decided to go straight into her doctoral studies from her undergrad rather than taking time off, and she provides insights into these decisions. Our wide-ranging conversation also touches on the importance of social capital as a Black doctoral student, how Niambi has managed to stay connected to people despite working in STEM research, and the importance of realizing your value. Tune in today.

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