Michael Bricker, Chief Strategy Officer of Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity™ (CARE)


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“For anything—as far as animals are related—to be completely sustainable, it has to happen in the community, it has to happen by the community.”

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Mike Bricker has spent years in animal welfare improving live outcome percentages, innovating new programming, rewriting policies, and modernizing medical operations as director of operations at Camden County Animal Shelter. He then transitioned to Best Friends Animal Society as the Director of Operations of the Shelter Embed program and used his time to connect with communities and listen to the people he worked with.

Stacy and Mike dive into what makes CARE, as Mike describes, “Unlike almost anything else in Animal Welfare.” He outlines the current divisions of CARE and talks about how CARE Centers, Research and Development, Narrative, and The CARE Circle work together to progress their mission.

Mike discusses the importance of narrative and visibility as a core of what CARE does to highlight Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) doing the unrecognized animal welfare work in their communities.

This visibility also has an impact on the future of BIPOC in the veterinary profession and animal welfare world. He relates, “Once they see themselves in the movement they find it way easier to jump into that movement.”

Mike and Stacy talk about the sustainability of animal transport, creating an organization that reflects the population they serve, and how communities/changemakers can find and work with CARE.


During his interview, Mike mentions these organizations:

To learn more about CARE, visit them online or follow them on Facebook,and Instagram. Stay up-to-date with their programs and projects by becoming a member of the CARE Circle. To join, text CIRCLE to 52886.

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