Compassion in a T-Shirt: In Session with Dr Hayley Quinn


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"CFT is something we learn and embody and it becomes a part of the process of all the things that we do." Dr Hayley D Quinn is a Clinical Psychologist, Supervisor and Trainer based at The Compassionate Well-Being Centre in Brisbane, Australia. She has extensive training in CFT and has presented workshops in Australia and overseas. She’s a strong believer in supporting practitioners to incorporate compassion practices into their own lives and work to care for both their clients and themselves, allowing practitioners to maintain sustainable practice. If you would like to see the original video, go here: Time Stamps: 2.19 Tell us a little bit about yourself, your work and your life. 10.57 External and internal challenges and how the internal can persist. 14.18 What was already there, within you, that helped you move in a very positive direction? 16.37 Changing the external, and then changing the internal. 21.04 Tell us about the new direction you are taking with helping develop self-care for clinicians and practitioners? 26.28 Arriving at the notion of Welcome to Self. 29.23 How might you bring compassion focused therapy into self-care for clinicians and practitioners? 33.32 Clinicians operating from threat-based drive, insecure striving and clinician shame.43.56 We have these tricky brains! 43.56 We have these tricky brains! 44.43 Fears, blocks and resistances to self-care. 47.12 Identifying our own self-care committed actions. 50.47 What are three tips you would offer others on their own compassionate journey, including therapists and other health practitioners? 53.03 Where can people find you, and engage with you and your work? Social Media: Twitter @HayleyQuinnPhD Facebook @DrHayleyDQuinnBrisbane Instagram drhayleydquinn Website:

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