Compassion in a T-Shirt: In Session With Mats Hogmark


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“Compassion brings light and it brings hope into the darkest of stories.” Dr Mats Hogmark is a medical doctor specialising in general medicine at Darlana County Council in Sweden. He is also a motivational interviewing trainer and member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT). He runs training and seminars on motivational interviewing and communication skills with professionals in health care and social services. Time Stamps: 3.43 Tell us a little bit about yourself, your work, your life. 6.50 What does your working week entail? 10.07 Feeling safe in the context of a longterm working relationship. 12.19 Sometimes you can form a relationship and create safeness quite quickly. 14.22 Fine tuning facial expressions, body posture and voice tone to express warmth, openness and empathy. 16.59 Carefully choosing what to say and what not to say to help create safeness. 19.06 Dividing the consultation into three parts: the patient's part, the doctor's part, and the mutual part at the end. 20.28 The patient's part involves: Ideas--Concerns--Expectations (ICE). 25.46 A compassionate conversation is a conversation between two experts. 30.37 Taking the lower place, elevating those who we are working with. 35.28 A compassionate outlook towards others, and towards oneself. 36.53 When the clinician's threat system is activated too. 39.27 Considering compassion fatigue or physician burnout. 40.42 How do you offer yourself compassion, how do you look after your self-care? 44.25 Compassion and self-compassion can involve joy. 46.52 A Carl Rogers quote. 48.17 A Bill Miller quote. 49.51 How can people find you or engage with you and your work? 51.03 Three tips for others making their way on their own compassionate journeys. Email: Social Media: Twitter @matshogmark

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