Episode 30: Supporting Gifted Students and Recognizing Individuality with Sarah Buie


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Have you ever wondered what students in the gifted & talented programs are really thinking about their experiences? Today's guest offers a unique perspective that can enrich and deepen your perspective of the gifted programs in the United States.
Sarah Buie is a junior at Wichita State University studying psychology and public health. She has had a unique educational experience by attending both private and public school, homeschooling, living on a college campus as a high school student, and participating in her public school's gifted and talented program.
We discuss:

  • Sarah's unique perspective on the education system
  • Her views on how to navigate the social world after skipping a grade,
  • The role her family played in making important decisions,
  • Suggestions for educators in recognizing students' unique needs.

Enjoy the show!

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