Weekly News Roundup; Key Assange Witness Arrested; Are the Pandora Papers a CIA Scam?


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Caleb Maupin, journalist and political analyst, joins us to wrap up the important stories for the week. US efforts to broaden sanctions on Iran are counterproductive if the US is truly interested in returning to the nuclear agreement. Also, Caleb discusses moves to rein in Pentagon spending, America's labor crisis, and the likelihood of Trump's presidency in 2024.
Dr. Linwood Tauheed, associate professor of economics at the University of Missouri- Kansas City, joins us to discuss the economic stories for the week. The Senate seems to have blinked and headed off the potential for an economic catastrophe. Also, weekly jobless claims are falling, Democrats haggle over the social spending bill, and the Manchin wing of the party works to decrease help for the working class.
Chris Hedges, investigative journalist, joins us to discuss his latest article about Steven Danziger. In his article, "The Anonymous Executioners of the Corporate State," Hedges explains that the United States judiciary is a farcical operation that is "engineered to favor the interests of capital."
George Koo, journalist, social activist, international business consultant, and chemical engineer, and K. J. Noh, peace activist, writer, and teacher, come together to discuss important news stories for the week. The Wall Street Journal is reporting a leak that the US military has soldiers located on the island of Taiwan training military personnel. Is this a red line crossed or a planned leak to stop the possibility of rapprochement between the world's preeminent economic powers? Also, the CIA has announced a reorganization to focus on China, and the PLA has dramatically increased sorties around Taiwan.
Dan Lazare, author, investigative journalist and author of "America's Undeclared War," and Martin Sieff, senior fellow at the American University in Moscow, come together to talk politics. The FBI's principal witness against Julian Assange has been arrested after admitting that his claims were bogus. Also, the Pandora Papers are being more closely examined, as the conspicuous absence of any and all US oligarchs generates considerable suspicion, the Russia-gate investigation points directly to Hillary Clinton, and Russia may rescue the EU from its catastrophic fuel crisis.

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