Mandates Could Be On Their Way After FDA Grants Full Approval for Current Vaccines


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With the concerning Delta variant of Covid-19 and surging cases of infection, many public health officials think that tactics may need to change to increase vaccination rates. Vaccine mandates have been talked about, but the government and many businesses have not gone that way… yet. Many health experts think that could change once the FDA grants full approval to the current vaccines. Shannon Pettypiece, senior White House reporter at NBC News Digital, joins us for why mandates could be on their way.

Next, we have seen a rise in alcohol use disorder, but too often medical professionals are failing to treat it. There are some medications that can help treat alcoholism, but doctors often fail to prescribe them. There are also other tools that can simply help people reduce the amount of alcohol intake. Many doctors are not specifically trained to treat addiction and usually refer people to mental health experts or send patients to rehab. Anahad O’Connor, health reporter at the NY Times, joins us for how many alcoholics do not get treatment.

Finally, in the age of the pandemic workplace and hybrid working models, everything has become a meeting. We are now in the age of the never-ending check-in. Meetings have gotten shorter, but more frequent and it could be leading to meeting burnout. Going back to the office could lead to efficient, in-person check-ins, but a hybrid model could be a mess for that. Rachel Feintzeig, work and life columnist at the WSJ, joins us for more.

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