Tokyo Olympics Get Under Way With No Spectators and Pandemic Looming Large


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The Tokyo Olympics are now officially under way and they will definitely be an Olympics like no other. Happening amid the pandemic and rising numbers locally in Japan, these Games will also not have any spectators. The big question now is how that might affect the athletes, having no cheering fans and the bigger concern, not having their families present. Questions have also been raised about athletes not being subject to the usual, rigorous drug testing standards. Erin Doherty, reporter at Axios, joins us for more.

Next, there is a harsh reality for many that work as customer service agents. Many big companies often use contractors that have agents working from home to help you when you have a problem. They are often caught in the middle between abusive callers and corporate mandates to make the customer feel better. One of the unspoken rules is that the agents cannot hang up on an abusive caller no matter how bad it gets. Calling out sick could get you fired, managers track your time, and sometimes you have to absorb start-up costs. Ariana Tobin, reporter at ProPublica, joins us for how bad it is for some customer service agents.

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