With Jessica of the Fioneers: How Lifestyle Design Can Change Your Relationship with Men and Money


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Marni welcomes the Founder of the Fioneers into the Den. Jessica is a writer, speaker, coach, and author of the award-winning personal finance lifestyle blog, The Fioneers. Her lifestyle design program helps clients discover their values, design the life they want, and attain financial freedom. Today, she shares the practices and strategies her clients use to shift their lives.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • How to discover your values
  • The formula for financial freedom
  • Rediscover joy
  • Get off auto-pilot to design the life you want
You Can Have the Life You Want [2:34]

Jessica describes lifestyle design as an iterative process, not a linear goal. It is the process of figuring out who you are, what you want, what your values are, and your strengths and limitations. This process allows you to dream big and then make a plan to make your dreams a reality.

She shares her journey of pivoting from a job she didn’t enjoy to becoming financially independent. When she started suffering emotional turmoil and panic attacks, she knew she had to leave her toxic job.

Ask yourself ‘What can I get my money to do to have the life I want right now?’

After ingesting as much financial information as could, Jessica realized she could use her money to live the life she wanted.

You can have a lot of money or a little money and still know nothing about it.

Lifestyle Design [24:11]

Jessica started the process of making it a reality in her life. She took six months off from work. She removed everything from her life and then decided what she put back in. She made a financial plan and built up her emergency fund.

She advises starting by asking yourself what percentage of your day or week is doing something that you love and getting off auto-pilot.

We don’t honor ourselves by doing the things we think we should be doing instead of what we want to be doing.

Powerful tools to evoke action:

  1. Meditation practice — Journaling and Yoga are useful.
  2. Rediscover joy — Do something every day that makes you happy.
  3. Make a list of the things you eliminate from your life to make your life better.

If you weren't burned out how would you be spending your time?

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