With Misa Hopkins: How Emotional Wisdom Can Help You Tap Into Your Intuition


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In this intriguing episode, Marni welcomes Misa Hopkins into the Den. Misa has been a pioneer in the field of feminine consciousness for over 20 years. She is a five-time bestselling author and appears in the newly released documentary, The Spark. We discuss her ability to balance consciousness through mystical initiations in masculine and feminine energies.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • How to tap into emotional wisdom
  • Be truly seen for who you are
  • Healing through emotions
  • Find a partner to grow with
  • How to bless and release someone

Emotional Wisdom & Healthy Relationships [1:31]

Emotional wisdom is anchored in sacred feminine consciousness. Women go through cycles of intense emotions starting from their first menstruation. For centuries, women have been taught that emotions are a problem to be suppressed. But that is incorrect, Misa says. Our emotions are gateways to our inner wisdom, intuition, and ultimately to our awakening.

All of your emotions are valid.

The emotional walls we built to protect us from early hurts may be hindering growth and relationships. Misa says when doing internal work you don't have to relive all the pain. When emotions of anger and sorrow bubble up into consciousness, be compassionate toward them.

It is self-honoring to love yourself through the emotion.

When we map an energy onto a man by looking to them to help us through our emotional journey, we strip them of who they are.

How to Get Out of Your Own Way [25:14]

Misa says she pushed away plenty of beautiful people from her life because she expected them to be what she needed to be for herself. Marni adds many women are looking for a male version of themselves.

In dating, be present and find out who a man is without imposing your wants and needs on to him.

Misa asks us to remember there is no growth if we find ourselves with a duplicate of ourselves. Why not be with a man who stretches you or who gets you to try new things in life?

When someone new comes into your life, ask why the universe sent them. If the two of you don't completely sync up, use the time as an opportunity to bless someone else in their journey.

Bless & Release [30:14]

If a person you meet is not aligned with your desires, direct your thoughts toward how you will feel when you are with a partner who is suited for you. You can't be aware of or attract a potential partner when you are in the wrong headspace.

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