A Golden Opportunity to Go Against the Grain


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The weird week in the markets doesn't change what I want to be doing with each Dividend Cafe. As of press time, the market is up ~1,000 points on the week, with pre-market futures on this Friday pointing to a +100 point open. The day-to-day and week-by-week movements in the market are not the subject of the Dividend Cafe, but they are what we do each Monday through Thursday at The DC Today.

This week it is tempting to dive more into the cluster of these infrastructure talks. On Thursday, there was a White House briefing that it was a done deal; on Friday, it appears to be falling apart; I can write about all this now, but I think by the time it hits your inbox, the deal may be back on, and by the time you are done reading it back off.

Yet, in these "current events," there is, indeed, a "timeless principle" that warrants immediate application. A week ago, markets were experiencing nearly irrelevant levels of volatility - and the media declared it the new apocalypse as they went about drooling on themselves in a sea of inaccuracies about what the Fed did, said, and meant. A week later, markets have been rallying, and the new question is what to do about "investing at the top" (it is "new" in that the last time I heard this concern, was almost three weeks ago).

So I want to dive this week into some fun history, some actionable application out of that history, and leave you with some crucial reminders about markets. These things will be useful whether the market is down a thousand or up a thousand next week.

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