Episode 153 - Know Your Story (ft. Andrew Loh)


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In this episode of the podcast Joe talks to Andrew Loh from Teach For America: DFW. Joe and Andrew discuss what drew Andrew to start teaching, how you have you know your full authentic story so you can better represent it to others, and what Andrew's vision is for teaching in a post-COVID world.

Andrew is a supremely passionate and talented individual, we look forward to him returning to the podcast time after time!

About Teach For America DFW

Teach For America identifies top leaders across the country and then places them in some of the most underserved, low-income schools.

We know potential is equally distributed, but opportunity is not.

At Teach For America, our leaders fight to give every child the opportunity to succeed.

80% of our teachers are in free or reduced lunch districts

Teach For America has nearly 2,000 leaders in DFW and it’s one of the top 50 regions in terms of performance.

Teach For America DFW has nearly 40% more teachers in our city this year, supporting our students during these unprecedented times.

#KnowYourStory #beabetterdad

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