Episode 160 - Dadventures (ft. Steve Dypiangco)


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Steve Dypiangco is an American filmmaker. He was a Producer of Marketing and Distribution for Luke Matheny's Oscar-Winning short film, God of Love.

Dypiangco's most recent film (and also web series), which he co-wrote and co-directed with Patrick Epino, is Awesome Asian Bad Guys, which stars a number of Asian American actors who played villains in 1980-1990s action movies, such as Al Leong, Yuji Okumoto and George Cheung.

A digital media exec turned entrepreneur, Stephen is the co-founder of Dadventures (hellodadventures.com), an early stage startup helping parents find fun things to do with their kids.

Dadventures was born out of a series of conversations between our Co-Founders, Steve and Devon, around the struggles and pitfalls of being a dad, which led to discussing Steve’s fateful trip to Disneyland. Focused on giving his daughters the best Disneyland experience possible, Steve meticulously researched every ride and polled his kids on which ones they were the most interested in. He even measured their heights just to make sure they’d be able to ride.

The result was an amazing family experience – riding 8 rides in less than 2 hours! Steve’s daughters were thrilled, and Steve was happy to have given his kids a great experience. But no one was happier than Steve’s wife, who got to enjoy a full day of parental success without having to do any of the planning. Dadventures helps parents figure out what to do and the easiest ways to do it, so parents can focus on being present with their kids.

Steve and I discussed the origins of Dadventures, how he has evolved the company in the midst of Covid-19, and what we can look forward to in 2021 and beyond. We also discuss his film career and how representation on screen matters for our children. If we want to make a more inclusive world we need to ensure everyone is represented on screen. Thanks for coming on the show Steve, we cannot wait to have you back on the show!

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