296: The Benefits of Tuition Insurance - with John Fees, Co-founder, & Managing Director, GradGuard


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Welcome back to America's leading higher education podcast, The EdUp Experience! In this special EdUp Embedded episode, your guest is John Fees, Co-founder, & Managing Director, GradGuard, and your sponsor is UnMudl!

John talks to Joe about the Benefits of tuition insurance. What are qualifying events? Do universities and colleges need to have tuition insurance? The benefits go week beyond just protection of tuition dollars including retention, brand strength, lifelong learning, and social good. Especially given CV-19 of late, tuition insurance has never been more important!

John Fees co-founded, GradGuard™, an authority at designing and implementing student benefit programs that help more than 400 colleges and universities to attract and retain students. Since 2008, GradGuard’s tuition and renters insurance programs have helped more than 750,000 students protect their investment in a higher education.

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