Career dedication and motivation – the unsung heroes of COVID


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Interview with Nancy Carpenter

However, we know that there are thousands of ‘unsung heroes’ around the world, working in different capacities on different clinical trials to make the breakthrough. It has been a herculean collective effort. Of course, while this is a particularly high stakes situation, seeing an impact on patients’ lives motivates us no matter the therapeutic area. In this podcast, I interview Nancy Carpenter, a Principal Statistician at Veramed who has worked extensively on COVID-19 trials over the last several months. Our wide-ranging discussion covers:

  • Her experience of working on COVID-19 trials
  • How patient stories inspire her
  • How we balance risks and manage the impact of COVID-19 on other clinical trials
  • How a role in pharma provides meaning and fulfilment
  • How the pandemic has increased public interest in the pharmaceutical industry

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