3 steps to be happier at work


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Listen to this episode while we also I discuss this interesting book entitled Ich arbeite in einem Irrenhaus or I work in a mad house (in English) which can help us be happier at work.

  1. From feelings to understanding: Verbalize your feelings. What is stupid or bad about your company? Go into the details and don’t stop with generic statements.
  2. From negative to positive: Don’t focus only on the negative things. What are all the great things? Colleagues, environment, perks, interesting projects. What would you love to do more. Does your supervisor know about it?
  3. Determine the trade-offs and decide: What’s on the positive side and what’s on the negative side. What are the weights? How bad or positive is it? Is the grass on the other site really more green? Consciously make a decision to stay, improve, change or leave.

Episode 232 of Leben Führen
I Work in a Mad House / Ich arbeite in einem Irrenhaus

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