6 steps to prepare before you want to convince your business partner


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Listen to this episode while I discuss the following important points:

  • Believe in yourself
    • Your experience
    • Your education
    • Your intent to move the project/the company forward
    • Do you need to state these to build trust?
  • What is the problem?
    • Tell a story
    • Evoke emotions
    • Reference to the webinar about presentation skills
  • What’s in it for your business partner?
    • Timelines?
    • Budget?
    • Recognition?
  • Can you quantify it?
    • Give a range
    • A guestimate is better than nothing
  • Think about possible objections
    • Address them upfront
    • Again understand your audience
    • Show that you care
  • Provide a call to action
    • What do you want them to do?
    • What do they need to decide?

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