I'm 44 with a history of miscarriage. I just discovered I'm pregnant. What can I do to monitor this pregnancy? (Ask the Egg Whisperer)


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In this episode, a listener sends in a question to Dr. Aimee. Here's what she asks, "My partner and I have been trying to have a child I'm 44 years of age, and my partner is 36. I've had two successful prior pregnancies, and we also lost two pregnancies after conceiving naturally. The losses occurred around weeks 10 and weeks 12. But now I found out that I'm pregnant and after having tested positive for HCG and missed my period by only a few days.

Here are my questions. I know that my eggs are old and that this embryo may not hold. Is there a way that a specialist can monitor the early stages of pregnancy to see if this egg is a good or bad one? It's troubling to think that I have to wait for my 10 week mark and possibly miscarry. My partner and I don't want to go through another miscarriage, understanding that I'm in the 8 to 10% chance of having a good egg. Any thoughts on if I should let this one go or write it off given my previous history?"

Tune in to my answer and the answer to other listeners questions.

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