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In our fourth Q&A host special, Veronica and Chris dive deep into questions that you have sent in, covering topics on the difference between growth and yield, how would they change their property strategy if they had their current knowledge when they started out and what will the market hold post Covid; will it boom or will it bust?


  1. What do you suggest is the best way to balance capital growth with yield to maintain good loan serviceability when building a property portfolio?
  2. With all your current experience, how confident are you that from 2020 to 2045 you would outperform your 1995-2020 returns?
  3. We bought in March and with the impact of COVID we are still feeling quite comfortable with our investment but were interested to know how Chris was feeling given how closely he is watching the market.
  4. Looking to purchase our first property, should we use our savings to purchase this or use a guarantor loan from our parents and then use our savings to purchase an investment property not long after?

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