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Steve Palise is a commercial property buyers agent, who started his career as an engineer but found his passion in commercial property. He has helped thousands of clients secure and purchase properties across every state and has achieved amazing outcomes whilst reducing their risk. In this episode Veronica and Steve discuss the intricate differences between commercial property and residential property; how it grows, why people invest into it and how it can add to your portfolio.Here’s what we covered:

  • How does commercial property investment differ from residential
  • What type of investor buys commercial property?
  • What are the options to getting into commercial real estate?
  • How do you minimise your risk with commercial property?
  • What due diligence needs to be done when commercial property?
  • How is commercial property valued?
  • Is capital gains a big part of the value proposition of commercial property?
  • How is interacting with the tenant different from residential property?

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