David Chandler | Developers are in the Government’s crosshairs.


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Australian’s have been left high and dry as developers overpromise and underdeliver with no punitive action against offenders, as they lie, cheat and phoenix, negatively affecting Australians looking to get onto the property market. Current booming market conditions are foreshadowing a proliferation of defective new developments putting profits in developer pockets and cracks behind plaster walls.

In this episode, we have the privilege of discussing these significant building issues with David Chandler, NSW Building Commissioner, a role that was established in 2019 to combat rogue operators that develop defective, uncertified and unlivable properties. David is a perfect fit for the role thanks to his impressive 40 years of experience in construction, infrastructure and renewal projects. The government’s direct approach aims to stop repeat offenders, improve the quality of new dwellings, and promote quality affordable housing.

What is the solution for Australians that have bought defective property and how will the government effectively manage the quality of new dwellings against operators that have historical played dirty and dodged punishment?

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