060: Bryan Miles on How Financial Advisors Can Use Virtual Assistants to Save Time & Money


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In today’s conversation, I sit down with Bryan Miles. Bryan is the co-founder, along with his wife, Shannon, of Belay Solutions (formerly known as EA Help). Belay provides virtual assistants to help business owners and C-level execs in a number of industries grow without the added stress of having to do everything on your own.

I was introduced to Bryan through our mutual friend Michael Hyatt who started out as a client of Belay, and in turn, Michael put Belay on the map with a single tweet. If you’re finding yourself with email inbox overwhelm, getting bogged down with travel bookings, or stress at home due to lack of calendar integrity you’ll want to put this episode on repeat.

Also, don’t miss the advice midway through the episode that Bryan got on the side of a mountain while climbing with one of his mentors on what it truly means to “own a business.” Some of the wisest advice I’ve heard in any interview I’ve ever done.


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