067: Michael Kitces on Building a Digital Platform That Attracts Your Ideal Clients


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Today, I’m talking with Michael Kitces. If you’re in financial services and aren’t familiar with Michael, my guess is you haven’t been on the internet recently as he has one of the most prolific platforms in all of finance. Michael creates content deconstructing some of the most complex financial planning topics out there and he shares much of this on his blog, Nerd’s Eye View - which is actively followed by over 36,000 subscribers.

He’s also a partner in a number of other businesses including: Director of Wealth Management at Pinnacle Advisor Solutions, co-founder of XY Planning Network with past guest Alan Moore, and he currently produces 2 podcasts, Kitces & Carl (which he co-hosts with Carl Richards, creator of the NYTimes Sketch Guy column and the Behavior Gap blog) as well as Financial Advisor Success - one of the most highly rated podcasts for financial advisors on the internet. As a self-titled life long learner, he’s also collected a number of graduate degrees and designations including a Master of Science in Financial Services, Master’s in Taxation, CFP, CLU, ChFC and numerous others.

In typical Kitces fashion, this is an expansive episode, so if you are travelling for the holidays, no worries, we have you covered!


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