070: Mike Koenigs on Connecting & Becoming Unforgettable to the Rich & Famous, Building a Media Empire, & Investing in Yourself


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In today's episode, I'm speaking with Mike Koenigs. Mike is a serial entrepreneur, investor, 13-Time #1 Bestselling Author, podcast host, TV personality, advisor to Tony Robbins & celebrity clients, cancer survivor, and a true master of helping business owners and entrepreneurs build empires. For those of you who want to show up different and make meaningful connections with the super elite, this conversation is going to bring a ton of value!

Here are 3 of my big takeaways from this episode…

  • #1: The power of building your own platform and how to leverage it to increase your circle of influence and land high net-worth clients.
  • #2: The psychology behind how an A+ client chooses their financial advisor. You’ll hear how Mike filtered out lousy prospects and decided on the best advisor to handle his own business - including the 2 most important requirements he has as a client.
  • #3: Mike’s proven framework for successfully pitching and getting featured on virtually any media outlet you can imagine.

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