072: Michael Hyatt on What It Means to Be a Vision Driven Leader


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In today’s conversation, I’m speaking with Michael Hyatt. Michael is a New York Times bestselling author, podcaster, blogger, and speaker. His newest book, The Vision Driven Leader, explores how to effectively lead organizations, inspire people to action, and make your big dreams a reality, and today we'll be talking all about it.

For those of you looking to attract incredible talent, retain them, and keep them happy for years to come as you build a great company, this conversation is a must-listen!

Here are 3 of my big takeaways from this episode…

  • #1: Why writing and publishing books should be an integral part of your sales funnel and how it can lead to incredible opportunities. [05:32]
  • #2: The fatal error Michael’s previous financial advisor made that cost him Michael’s business - and big lessons from Michael’s search for a new advisor. [31:30]
  • #3: How to create a clear, inspiring, practical and attractive picture of your organization’s future. [45:03]


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