076: The Virtual FA Series™: Pat Quinn on Adapting from Seminars to Webinars, What Stays the Same & What Changes


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In today’s episode of The Virtual Financial Advisor Series™ Pat Quinn returns to the podcast. Pat is a presentation coach and the head speaking trainer for Advance Your Reach. He has worked with some of the greatest speakers in the world including Daymond John, Grant Cardone, Dean Graziosi, Michael Hyatt, John Ruhlin, and has helped over 1000 financial advisors increase the effectiveness of their presentations.

My previous conversation with Pat is one of the most listened to episodes in our archive, and people still tell me often how much his framework for successful presentations has helped them. This is why I knew I needed to bring Pat back to the podcast for the Virtual Advisor Series to discuss how to take what makes an in-person, physical presentation so effective and utilize it in the digital space.

Here are 3 of my big takeaways from this episode…

  • #1: How to adapt Pat’s proven live presentation framework to work even more effectively in the digital space. [11:28]
  • #2: The major mistakes financial advisors make in both physical and digital presentations. You’ll learn exactly how to keep your listeners engaged in an environment full of distractions, and the specific things that need to change to avoid tone-deaf messaging. [23:05]
  • #3: How to adapt your speaking style to reassure listeners and project confidence in times of crisis, no matter who you’re speaking to. [40:37]


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