078: The Virtual FA Series™: Simon Bowen on How to Use Visual “Whiteboarding” Models to Simplify the Complex


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In today’s episode of “The Virtual Advisor Series,” I’m talking to Simon Bowen. Simon is the creator of the Models Method and one of the world’s foremost experts on how to create effective sales diagrams and models. He has worked with leading digital marketers, CEOs, speakers, and consultants to help them gain clarity, truly understand their businesses and spike their conversion rates.

Simon has also led all his sales and client conversations via Zoom for years, making his expertise especially valuable now that almost all of us are quickly learning how to run digital businesses.

Today, Simon joins the podcast to share his proven framework for leading highly effective digital meetings with clients all over the world. If you normally listen to just the podcast, I need to tell you that you need to watch today’s episode on our YouTube channel or in the Virtual Financial Advisor™ Facebook group. Over the course of our discussion, Simon shares a number of visuals from his iPad, creates diagrams, and walks advisors through the framework he uses to create resonant client messaging. In his words, you’re going to miss out on 83% of the context of this episode without the visual aids.


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