079: Maria Konnikova on The Psychology of High-Stakes Poker and How it Applies to Financial Services


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In today’s conversation, I’m talking to Maria Konnikova. Maria holds a PhD in psychology, is a writer for The New Yorker, and is a 2x NY Times Bestseller as the author of Mastermind and The Confidence Game. In her newest book, The Biggest Bluff, she tells the story of her deep dive into the world of professional poker with mentor and Poker Hall of Famer, Erik Seidel. Over the course of her studies, she went from the idea of planning a 1 year project, as an observer and student trying to understand the psychology of professional poker (while mentoring under Erik Seidel), to being fully immersed and drawn in as a participant who walked away with over $300,000 in winnings.

Today, Maria joins the podcast to share insight into the psychology behind high-stakes poker, and how pressure and big money can impact our decisions. We also get into her previous work from her book, The Confidence Game, where she deconstructs ponzi schemes and common themes for identifying them.

So, whether you’re a fan of Texas Hold’em (like me), or simply interested in an eclectic conversation around psychology and money, this was a fun one, and it applies to financial services on many fronts.


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