EIC 044: Let's Network and Get Work


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We're releasing an online course! After years of putting it off out of fear, we are releasing Network and Get Work, the ultimate guide to connecting with people online and offline, no matter the situation so that you can further your career.

The course will be released by April 2021 at the latest, but here's what you can expect in today's episode:

  • Why we're putting it off until further notice instead of launching this month like originally intended
  • The story behind the course
  • The fear that prevented its release for 4 years
  • What to expect to learn in the course

If you're interested in learning more about the course and would like to be the first to know when it's officially released (special deals will be available ONLY for email subscribers), head over to the course page: Network & Get Work

I'm speaking at Podfest! If you're interested in attending for FREE, use code AAPODCASTERS at this Eventbrite link.

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