EIC 045: How to Become an Unapologetic Woman and/or Support Them in Your Life


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March is Women's History Month, and earlier this week we celebrated International Women's Day! In honor of that, I'm sharing with you my story on how I have become more confident in myself and who I am as a woman and woman of color. I'll even share some practical, actionable tips for you whether you are a woman working on yourself or a man listening but want to support the women in your life.

Tips for Women to be more Unapologetic about who They Are:

  1. Practice with the little things, like saying no if you don't want to do something or don't have the bandwidth to do it.
  2. Surround yourself with encouragers. I'm not saying yes-people who will never tell you if you've messed up, but encouragers will be there to remind you of your worth and capabilities when imposter syndrome takes over.
  3. Shift your mindset to "just do it." This is something that will happen over time as you begin to do the first 2 tips, but they will also need to be paired with you continuously reminding yourself to shoot your shot. Think of it as constantly giving yourself mini pep talks. Even if something doesn't work out, reframe it to a lesson learned for next time rather than a failure.

For Men to Support the Women in Your Life:

  1. When a woman asks you for something or tells you a story about something that's happened to them, pause before you respond. Don't be reactive. If you find yourself getting defensive when they ask for something like a raise or you don't immediately believe an incident of harm to them, ask yourself why you are reacting like that. I can almost guarantee you that there is a deeper, possibly subconscious reason as to why. After the conversation, I encourage you to think about that and examine it.
  2. Learn about women's history. It sounds obvious but you'd be surprised how much men don't know about the things women have done for society or how laws have treated them in the past. Read books by women, listen to women, use Google to jump start your research. Google is free.

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