201: How to Position Yourself as a Freelancer...and Why You Should (with Matthew Mottola)


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Freelancing…The Freelance Economy…Side Hustles…Entrepreneurship.

As a result of COVID, many people have opted out of their corporate, non-profit, and education jobs in favor of doing their own thing.

Still others are continuing to work in their previous profession, while building a side business.

Still others are contemplating a shift to self-employment.

My guest today is Matthew Mottola, author of The Human Cloud. We talk about The Freelance Economy, what it means to be a freelancer, and the good and bad reasons for entering The Freelance Economy. Matthew also gives tips for ways to start working as a freelancer – and how to make yourself indispensable as a freelancer.

Matthew Mottola is a Forbes contributor who previously worked for Microsoft and has started numerous businesses. At Microsoft, in joint partnership with Upwork, he built the Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit, a tech stack for companies to spend up to $100M on remote freelancers. He has been named a Top 50 remote work expert to follow.

You can find Matt on:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/matthewmottola

Personal website: matthewrmottola.com

The Human Cloud Book: humancloudbook.com

Twitter: twitter.com/matthewrmottola

If you would like a free leadership deck on why to invest in the Human Cloud: humancloudbook/com/why-invest-in-the-human-cloud

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