How to Support the Development & Growth of Your High School Students with James Dundee


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In this episode, David talks with the Principal at Gloucester County Institute of Technology, a progressive high school near Philadelphia focused on academics and preparing students for careers, James Dundee, about building connectivity and rapport with students, developing well-rounded individuals for society, how to teach ownership and responsibility, and more.

  1. Having connectivity and rapport with students
  2. Hopefully a model they will take for themselves and continue
  3. Encouraging staff to offer a friendly face
  4. You don't know what kind of day the student has had prior to coming to school
  5. Want to identify if a student is struggling - dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, sudden loss, etc.
  6. Connectivity of the students knowing that people are there for them
  7. Want students to see the human side of teachers and authority
  8. “I think that's important for the students to have an understanding that these adults, although there's an authoritative role, it's also a role of coming out of care, and understanding.”
  9. Developing well-rounded individuals for society
  10. Mindset of everybody gets a trophy/everybody is a winner
  11. Teachers that failure is not okay- never learned to fail or overcome that failure
  12. Generational gaps- older people weren't all given a prize
  13. You have to get out of the mindset of being a victim
  14. If you’re going through stuff, you have to care for yourself first. Pull yourself up.
  15. Rely on friends, family, teachers, but be able to lift yourself out- take ownership for your mistakes
  16. Everybody wants to save everybody out of a situation instead of letting them learn from it
  17. How do you teach ownership of actions
  18. Don't allow student to push things off on anyone or anything- ask them exactly what was their role in the situation
  19. Progressive approach- ask them after what they earned, what are the next steps, how do we help you never make this mistake again?
  20. If you constantly beat someone down they will never grow and never change

  21. Never give up on someone and make sure they know you never will

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