MDOT's Newest PIO & a Deeper Look into Intermodal Planning


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The fourth episode of "The Extra Mile" Podcast introduces MDOT's new Northern District Public Information Officer, David Kenney. The show also features a conversation with MDOT Director of Intermodal Planning Charles Carr and the role his office plays in the state's transportation network.

The Extra Mile Episode 4: MDOT's Newest PIO & a Deeper Look into Intermodal Planning - Show Notes

Show intro with Paul and Waverly
Guest: David Kenney, MDOT Northern District Public Information Officer

  • Recap of time working in news including over 20 years at WLBT
  • Talks about making transition from working as a journalist to working in public relations
  • What have you learned about MDOT that you weren't expecting?
  • Why is transportation infrastructure so important for everyone?
  • Looking forward to covering MDOT's Norther District?

MDOT Road to Game Day Promo - voiced by Drew Hall, MDOT Media Producer

Guest: Charles Car, MDOT Director of Intermodal Planning

  • How did you get your start at MDOT?
  • What falls underneath the Intermodal umbrella?
  • Funding element
  • How do the modes contributes to a safe and efficient transportation network?
  • Economic impact of different modes
  • Why is it to have a strong public transit network in Mississippi?
  • MDOT's role in public transit
  • MDOT's role in coordinating COVID-19 vaccination transportation
  • Future plans in the Office of Intermodal Planning

Show Outro

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