Blue Meat for the Base


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The FarrCast this week comes to you recorded as news was leaked about the new Biden capital gains tax proposal. Kenny Polcari joins Michael Farr to parse the market (over-) reaction. Kenny says he doesn't think it's the beginning of a correction, but if there is anything markets hate -- it's uncertainty.
Dan Mahaffee gives his insight into the political strategy involved, and the (low) chances of passage. As a matter of policy, the actual revenue predicted to be raised by the increase is little more than a rounding error.

Michael welcomes Sarat Sethi for the special guest segment. Sarat is one of the smartest, and most successful, investors on Wall Street, and he and Michael discuss where to find value in a market that is, by many measures, already expensive. Sarat also shares his insight into how to prepare for the possibility of inflation, when the inflationary pressures are far different than what we may have seen in the past.
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