Re-flation Re-happens


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We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed making it -- we truly believe this is one of our best!
Michael Farr begins by welcoming Jim Lebenthal who gives us sage counsel on navigating the emotional pulls of the market. He reminds us that corrections always come, and when we are in a correction, it always feels like something much worse.
Dan Mahaffee joins for a rundown of the latest from China. Dan tells us the Communist Party's crackdown on capital markets isn't about capital at all -- it's about data, and how that data can be used for societal control.

In our third segment, Michael welcomes Dr. Jeffrey Lacker, Distinguished Professor of Economics at VCU and Former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. Michael and Jeff have a wide ranging conversation on the economy, monetary policy, and importantly, what we don't know. Dr. Lacker points out that it's still not obvious what "normal" we are moving back towards.

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