Sending Cryptic Messages


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This week has seen volatility continue, and wild swings in cryptocurrencies. Michael Farr welcomes Kenny Polcari for a dive into what's going on in the markets. Kenny says the choppiness is likely to continue, and he's not worried -- but you have to do your homework. Process is boring, but boring can yield results.

Dan Mahaffee joins Michael for a discussion of the state of the GOP organization. Dan says Biden still has a lot of triangulation within his own party, and as the rhetorical temperature heats up.

In the third segment, Michael delivers one of his periodic audio essays. This week, Michael invites listeners to think like an investor and shares some of his rules on investing. The amount of information in the markets can be overwhelming; Michael shares a method of sorting between news and noise so that the individual investor can be whelmed instead of overwhelmed.

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