The Price of a Dalliance on Wall Street


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After some choppiness, the Dow reached new highs this week -- Michael Farr and his guests are here to divine what may be ahead!
First up is Jim Lebenthal who reminds us that the second year of a recovery is usually harder in the stock market than the first, and that more choppiness is normal. Michael and Jim talk about how some companies are shifting their outlooks, and what it can mean for the long term investor.

Next, Michael is joined by political analyst Dan Mahaffee who points out similar changes in national economic policy to better insulate against the kinds of supply shocks we saw (and are still seeing!) as a result of the pandemic. "Minimum resilient capacity" is a phrase you might begin to hear more.
Finally, Michael welcomes special guest Stephanie Link. In February on The FarrCast she forecast the change in market leadership we have seen continuing. Stephanie talks about pricing power, and what it means in the changing calculus for investors.
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