What Is the Stop Digging Plan?


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August is supposed to be the month the headlines slowdown -- but we always keep an eye on them on the FarrCast and this week bring a special summer episode with Dan Mahaffee and Jim Lebenthal.

Michael Farr discusses the political impact of the Afghanistan debacle with Dan, and what that impact could mean to the Biden domestic policy agenda moving ahead. Michael and Dan segue to China, the second largest economy in the world: will market forces send a message that the CCP can't ignore?
Michael then welcomes Jim Lebenthal for a wide ranging discussion of the markets and economy. Jim details the supply chain issues impacting the economy, but he doesn't see demand destruction, and ultimately no existential risk.

It's a summer FarrCast you can't miss! The FarrCast: Wall Street, Washington, and The World.

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