Olivor Farms! w/ John Roberts


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John Roberts is the owner and operator of Olivor Heritage Farms. Olivor is a combination of their grandsons' names Oliver and Ivor. They are also the reason John and his wife Chrysti have been making changes to their diet. They want to be healthier for them, and they want Olivor and Ivor to grow up knowing where their food came from, and how to raise it naturally. In today's world how many people can actually feed themselves without buying food? Actually being able to raise enough food to feed your family and have a surplus to sell to others is a powerful thing, at the most basic level of living. This is one of the main reasons why we wanted to bring John on the podcast and spotlight Olivor Heritage Farms. We get eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, pork, and a variety of products from John, and we encourage anyone in the Tampa Bay area to check them out. If you don’t live in Florida, we still think you should listen to this episode because the main message is this: we should all take more responsibility in knowing where our food comes from and how it is raised and harvested. We should all support our local ranchers and farmers, and small businesses vs. the massive food giants, who definitely do not have our best interests in mind.



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