What are You, a FLAT EARTHER?! w/ David Weiss | Fat Fueled Family Podcast Episode 154


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Our guest today is David Weiss, also known as Flat Earth Dave, a renewable energy businessman and avid kiteboarder from the east coast. He always questioned the reality of the world he lives in. He hosted a weekly podcast for 3 years called Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole which discussed many different deceptions that the mainstream media and the powers that be cast over the population. Then in early 2015, he started looking at what he thought was the most ridiculous topic, the flat earth.

After trying to debunk it for several weeks he quickly became aware that our earth is stationary and flat and NASA is 100% a fraud. David makes short videos to give newbies to flat earth enough information to be willing to watch longer, more in-depth videos.

His YouTube channel is DITRH, and he created the highly-rated flat earth sun, moon & zodiac clock app, which not shows the flat earth model and provides a huge library of videos that google & YouTube will not show you.

Right now, I’m challenging everyone who hit play on this episode to stick around & listen to what he says. Don’t believe anything he tells you, but if you find yourself questioning anything, you’ve been provided with a starting point to research this for yourself & do your own experiments. That is, after all, what science is.

If at any point, you think you’ve found proof that the earth is a spinning ball, David is offering 2 Bitcoin to anyone who can provide just one proof. But before you do, he asks that you browse the app for all of the relevant questions & answers, and make sure it hasn’t already been covered.

Blog post introducing the topic: https://fatfueled.family/blog/2021/6/22/the-nature-of-our-reality

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