3 Questions Everyone Should Answer Before Deciding What Property They Want [TFC 97]


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Did you know that The Financial Coconut covers more than just personal finance? This week, we're sharing an episode from one of our podcasts, Coconut Avenue which talks about property. You can get the rest of Coconut Avenue here: https://spoti.fi/3wnPVjO

In episode #13 of Coconut Avenue, we are joined by David Baey, the Co-founder of Mortgage Master. David has been a driving force in the mortgage industry for almost 10 years. He started out at DBS, specializing in mortgages and rose to become Branch Business Senior Relationship manager. He then led the Mortgage department at MoneySmart before co-founding Mortgage Master in 2019. And today, he will talk about something so important, but almost always neglected in a property purchase journey until the last stage – mortgage loan.

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